Zan was here

Itt volt.

Bármi volt is, már ne bánd. || Whatever it was, I do not regret it.
[Independent original character roleplay. No specific fandom associations. Will roleplay with anyone. Muse and Mun are of age.]

But guys, think about super close platonic relationships




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And you, you lay, awake at night and scheme
                                 of all the things that you would change, 
                                                                              but it was just a dream!



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"Well, I’m not fine as in fine, but I’m fine as in you don’t have to worry about me."
- "Out of the Chute." House M.D.. (via wordsnquotes)
"A stubborn enough person can survive just about anything. Rage is a hell of an anesthetic."
- Zaeed Massani (via romaniankingdom)
How I know you [Zan + Warden]


He frowns at the implication — he’s in no position to judge, having done similar and worse, as well, but not wishing her to have to turn to that — and gives her a small squeeze of a hug. 

"It’s… Reasonably paid. The more regular nature of it is what’s more appealing…"

He sort of looks away with a wistful smile as he says, “And yes. I enjoy it. It… Almost reminds me of when I was young…” He shakes his head and closes off again. This version of him likes sharing and opening up. Good to know.

"But it’s fun," he says with a small shrug, "One of the few times I can relax or let go; and puts my endurance and flexibility and the like to another good use."

"And while I may not be able to help your past," he says, voice and eyes turning serious as he meets hers, "Do not hesitate to call me if ever you need food or shelter or protection from now on, okay? I promise I do not mind."

"I think that’s the appeal of most jobs. Even if it’s for pretzels and peanuts if it’s steady it’s worth it." She had had a couple of those. The times she left a city were never as painful as that first time she abandoned a job. "Okay— that’s enough hugging for today."

She slid away to the opposite end of the couch. Fine, he inferred what she had implied. The touchy-feely was warped by the memories into something not so innocent. Her trust was like that myth of Agaemmemnon’s wife weaving everyday and taking it apart every night. She could build and build but she’d always get back to the start. It was an inconvenient coping method.

"Warden, I’ve gotten this far and I haven’t died yet. And I’m human so that’s a complete game over for me. I don’t keep spare heads like Mombi. So the offer is nice, but I can do this." Life itself was more addicting than any controlled substance. Take it up, wash it away, forget the rules, bend the expectations backwards until they snap. 

It is okay for your character to be irrational

It is okay for your character to seem stupid and make mistakes that are just as stupid

it is okay for your character to misunderstand

It is okay for your character to get angry, sad, or anything over something—even if it is simple.  

It is okay for a character to act out/lash out over something

It is okay for your character to be sensitive

It is perfectly fine because they are people. That is what people do.

Title:Girls Chase Boys
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I got two hands, one beating heart, 
And I’ll be alright